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AquaGenesis International has always been committed to releasing only the finest quality products and would not dream of doing so until our expectations and demands for perfection were met. The engineering and development of our product is of the highest quality and standards for not only our needs but our customers' needs as well. So we are now finally ready to spread the news on the upcoming RoboSnail arrival. We have released several photos of the product and we are going to be releasing a sales date soon along with the suggested retail price. We expect the product to be on shelves by January 2012 and the product will be available for preordering now. You will be able to purchase the RoboSnail through our web site or through your local retailers. If you would like to be contacted in advance for preorders status please contact us so we can send you all the necessary information to purchase the RoboSnail. If you have comments such as colors you may like to see the product in please feel free to send those comments as well and we will try our best to help fulfill your requirements.

Thank you,
Milan Rafailovich

AquaGenesis International™ is a new company committed to the design and engineering of revolutionary new products and solutions. We focus on the future of the aquarium hobby as well as the protection and sustainability of our fragile aquatic ecosystems. At AquaGenesis International™ we pride ourselves on being the foremost innovators of aquatic ecosystems™ and are proud to bring you the RoboSnail™, which is the first and only automated aquarium glass cleaner offered in the marketplace today. The RoboSnail™ is scheduled to be available for purchase in 2012. We will begin taking orders in the near future, so check back soon for more information and news on all upcoming developments.

The RoboSnail™

The RoboSnail™ is the first and only fully automated aquarium glass cleaner in the world today! The RoboSnail™ was engineered according to the highest standards, utilizing and developing state-of-the-art technology and quality components that create a product unsurpassed by conventional existing manual cleaners. The RoboSnail™ was designed by an aquarium keeper for an aquarium keeper. It's a superior quality product that offers simplicity and ease for the aquarium enthusiast.

The RoboSnail is ideal for home use, and the business place as well. Locations such as hotels, offices, and restaurants can each benefit and allow you to focus on the business at hand and not your dirty aquarium. RoboSnail saves you time and money.

So stop wasting your money on animals that don't get the job done in an efficient manner, or wasting your time on daily scrubbing sessions. Let a RoboSnail automatic aquarium glass cleaner transport you to the future of aquarium maintenance, which fortunately for us is today. More…

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Recent News

6/19/2012 We now have a new website dedicated specifically for the RoboSnail.

6/19/2012 We have now begun the sales and production of the RoboSnail for distributors. Please visit to view our latest product video and for pricing and future availability.

6/19/2012 The RoboSnail has been revised to be more universal so that its cleaning pattern is now able to adapt to cleaning rimless aquariums and in-wall aquariums. The RoboSnail also has increased its battery life plus implemented a new simplified programming mode.

6/19/2012 We will begin taking individual orders and selling direct upon our announcement of a release date later this summer.

RoboSnail Review
RoboSnail one step closer to being released.

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